What is TFH?

TFH is a network of leaders and a family of churches in the Liverpool city region that share certain values and priorities. We are evangelical in our view of scripture, and evangelistic in our view of the mission of the church. In fact it is the evangel, the gospel, which unites us. We believe in a gospel that:

  1. Transforms lives,
  2. Creates disciples of the Lord Jesus,
  3. Prioritises what we do as churches, and that
  4. Must be both demonstrated and declared.

TFH is a way of expressing our one-ness around these values and priorities. We may vary in how we do this, in the expressions of the gospel, but we are all motivated by a love for God that ‘compels us to go with the gospel.’ We are the sum of our constituent parts (in fact with God we are more than that!). We are literally ‘together for the harvest’.

TFH works to fulfil it’s vision by:

  1. Connecting – helping like-minded leaders and churches connect with each other for encouragement and mutual cooperation.
  2. Championing – recognising what God is doing in different parts of the region and celebrating those breakthroughs.
  3. Communicating – so that all can know what churches and organisations across the region are doing, and what opportunities are arising (Facebook, e-shots and Harvest Magazine).
  4. Catalysing – naming and sharing a vision that others want to buy into, for the sake of the gospel in our region.
  5. Coordinating – linking networks and organising events and activities, where this serves the purpose of our shared mission.