Vision & Strategy

Our Message

"Our dream is to reach every man, woman and child in the Liverpool City Region with the Gospel in a ten year period."

Imagine what our Mersey Region would look like in 10 years time if every man woman and child had experienced a vibrant expression of the gospel – something they saw demonstrated in our lives and relationships; but had also heard and understood, a message of hope for their lives. Imagine our neighbourhoods, our families, our workplaces transformed with changed lives. Imagine tens of thousands of people coming to faith, affecting those around them, and infecting the culture of our city region.

Now with fresh vision and new leadership, TFH is setting the ambitious goal of reaching every person in our region in a 10-year period.


TFH works with networks of leaders in the 6 boroughs of the City Region (Sefton, Knowsley, St Helens, Halton, Liverpool and Wirral) supporting the fulfilment of the vision in their area. Each area is offered this strategic framework to help formulate it’s own strategy.

Our Mission

We believe it will take the whole church to reach the whole region. We have developed specific practical resources, partnerships and processes to help build each of the 6 keys in the strategic framework shown here.

Practical application

1. Missional Confidence
Brighter is a 4 session course designed to equip church members with missional confidence – confidence to share their faith story, talk about Jesus, and invite people to something.

2. Multiplying churches
Inside Out is an 8 session course for small groups that want to embrace a strong missional dimension. It is designed to help small groups become multiplying missional expressions of church.

3. Social Action
Partnering with the Catalyst Network, God’s people in our region are reaching hundreds of people with practical demonstrations of the good news of Jesus. Meeting people at their point of need.

4. Marketplace engagement
Through the development of a Movement Day process (conversations and events) we are reaching out and connecting pastors with leaders in marketplace spheres (like education, healthcare, business etc), with a view to social, cultural and spiritual transformation of our towns and cities.

5. Relational Unity
Each borough has its own rhythms of gathering leaders for friendship and mutual support. In addition there is a termly gathering of leaders across the region.

6. Powerful prayer
These borough networks also have their own prayer activities.