Vision & Strategy

Imagine what our Mersey Region would look like in 10 years time if every man woman and child had experienced a vibrant expression of the gospel – something they saw demonstrated in our lives and relationships; but had also heard and understood, a message of hope for their lives. Imagine our neighbourhoods, our families, our workplaces transformed with changed lives. Imagine tens of thousands of people coming to faith, affecting those around them, and infecting the culture of our city region.

Now with fresh vision and new leadership TFH is setting the ambitious goal of reaching every person in our region in the next 10 years. To do this we need every church involved. Every church owning God’s heart for the lost. Every church demonstrating and declaring the good news. 


TFH works with networks of leaders in different parts of the region supporting the fulfilment of the vision in their area. Each area is offered this strategic framework to help formulate it’s own strategy.

We believe it will take the whole church to reach the whole region. In line with this thinking we are currently connecting Evangelist Equippers across the city-region with local churches so that their members can be trained to grow in missional confidence. 

We will also be creating a web-based forum to allow the sharing of stories and best practice, as well as signposting people to the best evangelistic and social action project resources. 

Long term we want to help churches work together to saturate the city-region with the gospel through a patchwork of missional expressions of church that take responsibility for reaching every neighbourhood and workplace.

How can you be involved? 

  • Support your church’s involvement in TFH
  • Become a personal member of TFH (with membership of the EA included)
  • Volunteer to be your local church champion for TFH, being a link person and advocate for TFH activities
  • Volunteer in other practical roles like stewarding at events, distributing the magazine termly round the region, design, social media, etc